Owatrol Deco

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Owatrol Deco

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Formerly known as Rustol Deco

High gloss rust inhibiting paint

Decorative paint for all surface

 Please note that the 20 litre drum is a non stock item and is only available on a 2/3 week lead time

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Price From: £17.33



High gloss rust inhibiting paint Easy to use. Primer and finish in one, OWATROL DECO provides enhanced corrosion protection and decorative finish for all surfaces. Interior - Exterior. Apply direct to rusted surfaces – The use of OWATROL OIL as the binder ensures excellent penetration, adhesion and corrosion protection. Adheres to all surfaces; plastic, wood, ferous and non-ferous metals. OWATROL DECO penetrates the surface imperfections, so bonding tightly to it. Excellent resistance to weathering, moisture and pollution. Highly flexible. Will not peel or flake Withstands temperatures up to +175 ° C. Available in 6 colours. DESTINATION Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals - galvanized, aluminum, zinc - wood, plastic, glass….. Exterior: grates, balconies, garden furniture, shutters, porches, various metal structures, ... Interior: doors, frames, furniture, radiators, pipes, machinery, polystyrene foam, tiles…

RECOMMENDATIONS BEFORE APPLYING Ensure there is sufficient material to complete to job. Mix all product together to ensure uniformity of colour. Do not dilute. Shake or stir paint well before and during use. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil, grease and other surface contaminants Lightly rusted Surfaces: Lightly wire brush the metal before applying OWATROL DECO. On previously painted surfaces and/or heavily rusted surfaces : Apply a coat of OWATROL OIL before applying the first coat of OWATROL DECO in order to achieve a better result. For spray application, add 5-10% of OWATROL OIL depending on the type and size of nozzle used, to bring OWATROL DECO to the desired viscosity

APPLICATION Apply a coat of OWATROL DECO. Allow to dry Apply a second coat of OWATROL DECO RECOMMENDATIONS

AFTER APPLICATION Return any unused product to its original container. Informations : Coverage: 12 to 15m²/l Application tools : brush - roller- airless spray Application temperature : 5°C to +35°C Drying : 6h. Recoating time : 18 to 48h. Clean-up : White-Spirit

Our Owatrol Deco multi-surface paint is now available in 13 colours with an extra 7 added last week. This high-gloss multi-surface paint can be applied to any surface and acts as both a rust-inhibiting primer and a decorative finish in one. Owatrol Deco provides exceptional corrosion protection and excellent resistance to the effects of weathering and pollution. It can even be applied directly to rusted surfaces as it penetrates down to the sound metal, providing long-lasting protection and extending the lifetime of the treated surface. Owatrol Deco is now available in the following colours:

White White Grey Grey Green Green Deep Yellow Deep Yellow Deep Red Deep Red Black Black Blue Blue Brown Brown Clay Clay Cream Cream Dark Blue Dark Blue Dark Grey Dark Grey Dark Green Dark Green