Choosing the Right Paint for the Right Surface

Choosing the Right Paint for the Right Surface

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Have you ever bought paint, slapped it on a surface and then wondered why it looked shoddy after a few weeks? Well, yeah…choosing the right paint can be a bit technical. This is why we have written this blog!


We are going to cover 4 types of surfaces - plastic, metal, woodwork and walls. 


Firstly, if your new house has UPVC doors and windows and they’re looking a little ropey - never fear! You do not need to have them all replaced - that would be rather expensive!. There is a way to renew them through painting, with the right paint. In this case, you will need exterior paint with a high gloss finish - we recommend the Dulux Trade High Gloss paint, which is available to buy on our website. Remember - before you get painting - you must also clean the surface of dust and cobwebs, remove any knockers etc, and give it a light sand. Don’t skip out on these steps. Click here to read this interesting blog article on how to paint uPVC. 


The ultimate goal when painting anything, particularly woodwork, is to make sure you achieve a smooth finish. When it comes to doors, fences, windows and internal woodwork - you want to be able to easily clean it AND you also want to make sure it is going to last (especially the external woodwork).

Click here to read all about what kind of sheen finish you might like to go for, bearing in mind that satin sheens are likely to result in longer-lasting results as scratches and marks are not as visible. We have a great selection of Dulux Trade paints for you to choose from but we would highly recommend using our Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood for any internal woodwork or Dulux Trade Weathershield Exterior High Gloss for external woodwork.

There is the option of using a matt or chalk finish - particularly if you are decorating an item of furniture. However, it is important to be aware that this is absorbent and marks easily. You will have to find an appropriate wax finish. Read this blog for a step-by-step guide on how to use chalk paint on furniture. 

Don’t forget! A good primer is essential - so be sure to include that in your decorating budget. We recommend our Dulux Trade Quick Drying Wood Primer Undercoat.


Painting metal is no easy feat - metal and paint don’t bond together as cohesively as other surfaces and paints do. You have two options for the type of paint you should use: water-based and oil-based. 

Oil-based paint is best for exterior metal items - this is because this kind of paint has better durability, repels water and is resistant to stains. Ideal! 

Water-based paint is ideal for metals that are not used heavily or which will sustain regular wear and tear. It also allows for a quick-dry finish to speed up your project! 

We have a page full of Dulux Trade paint options that offer the perfect metal finish. If you are looking for a step-by-step how-to guide on how to paint metal surfaces correctly, read this blog.  


Painting one’s walls is often an exciting adventure - but choosing the right colour is not the only consideration. You also have to decide what look you are going for. 

Matt paint offers a great finish and easy coverage - it is also water-based which makes washing your brushes a dream! However, matt paint is susceptible to smudges and oily, sticky little fingers around the house. However, it does clean well and is durable! In fact, it has 50 times the durability of standard trade emulsions. We recommend Dulux Trade Diamond Matt

Eggshell paints have more of a sheen to them, and they are water-based. We recommend the Dulux Trade Diamond High Performance Eggshell because of its superior durability which is ideal for high traffic areas of your home or building. 

Well, there you have it!

Now you have more of an idea of what paints to choose for what surfaces. Happy painting! If you have any questions about the Dulux Diamond Range, please email us on

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