BeeLine fillers are renowned around the world because of their strength, versatility and water resistance. They are the ideal substance for filling any sized cracks and holes and can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, including wood and plaster. BeeLine is famous for being lightweight, versatile, simple to apply and fast drying, making it one of the simplest methods of wall and ceiling repair on the market. At Trade Paint Direct we supply a range of BeeLine products that are ideal for a variety of individual applications, and as an online retailer we supply them to you at some of the most competitive prices in the whole of the UK.

Our complete collection of BeeLine products is listed below, so browse through at your leisure and order your fillers with the click of a button. We will deliver your purchase to you in no time at all, and for more information regarding any of our products all you have to do is call 08444 722 972.