How Can Envirograf Protect You Against A Fire?

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Fire protection is a serious job and the utmost care must be taken to ensure the safety of you and those around you. Here at Trade Paint Direct we can offer you a safe and easy way to protect your property in case of a fire. We supply a range of Enviograf products which provide a protective coating for a number of surfaces including wood, steel, concrete and plaster.

To stop fire spreading all over the property it is essential that doors and corridors are adequately protected. In the event of a fire, Envirograf products can protect surfaces for between 30-90 minutes, depending on the surface. This can potentially save lives and as the fire is unable to spread as quickly, as well restricting the fire to certain areas, it can also buy time until the fire services arrive. Our products enable you to comply with both UK and European fire regulations with ease, especially as it can be used on existing wood and can be painted over the majority of paint and varnish, so you don’t have to worry about stripping it first.

For there to be at least 30 minutes fire protection on a door, there are certain specifications that they must meet, some of which being that they are at least 35 mm thick and must be constructed from solid wood. It is better if both sides of the door are protected, however if this is not possible it is satisfactory to only coat the ‘risk’ side which is corridor facing.

So if are interested in purchasing quality fire retardant coatings for your doors and other surfaces, make sure we here at Trade Paint Direct are your first port of call. Protecting yourself and others is essential and with our products it has never been simpler. Call us on 08444 722 972 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team for any advice or additional information

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