Our Top 5 Tips for Painting Your Home

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Here at Trade Paint Direct we stock a wide range of first-class decorative paints that are designed to offer the very finest of finishes to your walls and ceilings, but the secret to creating that perfect, smooth aesthetic relies on more than simply the quality of the paint.

Read on as we divulge our top 5 tips for making your room look its best.

Paint One Wall in One

To avoid ending up with an uneven tone of colour make sure that you avoid taking breaks mid-wall or moving on to another one before you've finished the wall you're on. If you do, the first lot of paint will partially dry while you're away from it, and thus when you return the new paint will coat over the drying paint and make certain areas look lighter than others.

Use a Bigger Bucket

If you're painting a larger wall it may be that you require more than two gallons - the typical size of a paint pot. If so, mix two cans of the same paint in a larger bucket. Even cans that are denoted as the same colour can differ in shade, so this will ensure paint consistency.

Consider Sunlight

Sunlight is the nemesis of paint as the more it is exposed to it, the faster the colours will fade. With this in mind, if you are painting a room that is exposed to sunlight over long periods you should invest in UV-resistant paints, will prime pigments will also fade at a slower rate than those with low-grade pigments.

Wash your Rollers

Stray fibres on paint rollers can lead to an imperfect surface, so wash them with warm water and a small amount of dishwasher soap before you start to remove them. It will take just a few minutes but you will see the benefits immediately!

Check the Thermostat

The optimum temperature for painting your walls and ceilings is about 20°C. If it is too cold or too hot the paint will dry slower, absorb slower as well as spread less evenly, so try and get the temperature of your home to this level before starting.

To find out more about our decorative paints, or any of the other products we can supply, get in touch with the team here at Trade Paint Direct on 08444 722 972.

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