Owatrol CIP Corrosion Inhibiting Primer

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Owatrol CIP Corrosion Inhibiting Primer

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Rust inhibiting primer for single & two pack paints

Please note that the 20 litre drum is a non stock item and is only available on a 2/3 week lead time

Price From: £22.63



  • Universal rust inhibiting primer for all paint types – 
  • Will not dissolve or break down when high solvent paints are applied to it. 
  • Penetrates and stabilises the surface, forming a solid stable layer that other coatings can firmly adhere to. 
  • Pigmentation offers increased protection and perfect film-forming qualities. 
  •  Easy to use, no need for sanding or sandblasting. 
  •  Use on new or rusted surfaces – interior and exterior. 
  •  High temperature resistance up to 175 °c. 



  • C.I.P. (Corrosion Inhibiting Primer) is recommended for all severe environmental conditions: marine or tropical climates, corrosive fumes, protection of motor vehicles, construction equipment and ballast tanks of ships as well as every day items i.e. railings, gates…. 
  • The C.I.P. is especially recommended where a high resistant paint or two-pack finish (urethane, epoxy, chlorinated rubber, synthetic,...).is to be applied or necessary. 



  • Shake or stir paint well before and during use. 
  • Do not dilute. 
  • Remove all loose and flaking rust, mill scale and old paint back to a sound surface using a wire brush or scraper. It is not necessary to remove all firmly adhered rust. 
  •  Surfaces exposed to chemicals (salts, acids, alkalis...) should be washed with water or steam cleaned. 
  • Severely contaminated surfaces should be cleaned using the appropriate solvent. 
  • Before application, ensure surface is clean, dry and free from oil, grease and other surface contaminants. 



  • With the C.I.P. sand or shot-blasted surfaces do not require immediate priming; a light rust coating will not affect its performance or the final result. 



  • Coverage : 15m²/l 
  •  Application tools : brush - roller - airless spray 
  •  Application temperature : +5°C to +30°C 
  •  Drying : 6 h. Recoating time : 72 h. (min) 
  •  Clean-up : White-Spirit 
  •  Container size :0,5L - 2,5L - 20L


For more information follow this link:  http://www.owatrol.com/index.php?langue=en&page=produits-rustol-cip