Armstead Trade Red Oxide Primer

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A rust inhibiting primer preventing the risk of corrosion for use on interior and exterior ferrous metals.

Key information

  • Formulation Solvent-based
  • Pack sizes 2.5L
  • Colour range - Red Oxide
Application information
  • Coverage Up to 9m² per litre on smooth surfaces of average porosity
  • Touch dry 2-6 hours dependent upon temperature and humidity
  • Recoatable 6-16 hours dependent upon temperature and humidity
  • Thinning This product should not be thinned.
Application Key benefits
  • Provides excellent adhesion and rust inhibiting properties
  • Prevents the spread of corrosion.
  • Suitable for use on both interior and exterior ferrous metal surfaces
System information
  • To get the best results make sure the surfaces to be painted are sound, clean and dry. (New surfaces particularly must be fully dry). In the case of iron and steel, remove all loose scale and rust by thorough scraping and wire brushing. Leave new shiny galvanised metal to weather and become dull before priming with the Red Oxide Primer, or use a metal primer that is suitable for use on new galvanised metal. After suitable surface preparation, apply 1 or 2 coats of Glidden Trade Red Oxide Primer. Finish with an appropriate Glidden Trade paint system. After use, remove as much paint as possible from equipment before cleaning with white spirit.