Bedec Aqua Advanced High Obliterating Matt White

A high build, high obliterating water based matt finish suitable for use on internal walls and ceilings. Also designed to infill block and brickwork to give a smoother surface where the cost of rendering and plastering is not required. Giving one coat coverage in most instances for warehouses, stockrooms, factories etc., over suitably prepared surfaces.

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Ensure the surfaces to be painted are clean dry and free from dust, dirt grease and wax. Remove all loose and defective paint. Algal, fungal or mould growths should be removed and treated with a fungicidal wash. Smooth glossy surfaces should be lightly abraded to provide a key.

On unpainted cement, render, plaster, brick work or any porous substrate the first coat should be thinned with 20-30% clean water. New plaster and cement should be allowed to dry thoroughly before application.

Aqua Advanced colour swatches