Bradite DP5 Polyurethane Floor Paint

A top quality polyurethane alkyd resin based semi-gloss finish paint, with excellent wash and wear resistance,

For concrete and wooden floors subject to light to medium traffic. Solvent based

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    Properties and Areas of Use -

    • Tough, hard wearing film, 
    • Resistant to spillage of mild chemicals, detergents and oils. 
    • Excellent water resistance. 
    • Prevents dusting of concrete floors. 
    • Can be used with a low slip additive. 
    • Excellent flow and opacity 

    Technical and General Information (material at 20ºC)

    • Colour Range - 6 standard ready mixed colours, other RAL and BS colours can be supplied to order
    • Sheen Level Semi-gloss 
    • Specific Gravity 1.20 
    • Solids by Volume 52% 
    • Approximately Dry film Thickness Range 30-40 microns 
    • Theoretical Spreading Rate 13 square metres per litre at 30 microns DFT (loss factors will apply in practice) 
    • Surface Dry 2 hours 
    • Overcoating Interval 16 hours minimum Maximum unlimited 
    • Storage Life 12 months minimum 
    • Flash point (Abel) 38ºC
    • Suitable Surfaces Steel and non ferrous metals and wood properly prepared and primed. Concrete free of contamination, dust and efflorescence
    • Not recommended for bitumen, asphalt, highly alkaline substrates, or chemically or mechanically hardened concrete.


    • No primer necessary - on bare boards thin the first coat 10% with white spirit