Dulux Trade Anti-Graffiti Clearcoat and Activator - 5L Composite

Dulux Trade Anti Graffiti Clearcoat is a two part, water-based coating for use over existing sound coatings or clean, dry and laitance free uncoated masonry surfaces.
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Dulux Trade Anti Graffiti Clearcoat dries to a tough gloss finish that has good impact and abrasive properties, protecting areas that are prone to graffiti. Dulux Trade Anti Graffiti Clearcoat can be used in areas where low odour coatings are required such as hospitals, schools and public buildings.

Cost includes both Base and Activator

Application: Brush or roller only. For health and safety reasons this product must not under any circumstances be applied by spray. Mixing Ratio: Supplied in correct proportions. Add all of the Activator to this Base container and mix thoroughly for at least 5 minutes, until the product is smooth and even. Do not mix part units. Badly activated or incorrectly mixed materials will affect performance and may cause early failure or discolouration. Apply 1 or 2 coats of Dulux Trade Anti Graffiti Clearcoat to sound, clean surfaces. Avoid over-application. Note: Do not apply over underbound coating e.g. distemper or non cross-linked flexible coatings e.g. Acrylated Rubber or Chlorinated Rubber. It is recommended that a small test area is applied before treating the entire surface to ensure compatibility. The minimum recoat time is 16 hours, but must be recoated within 7 days. Pot Life; 1-2 hours (depending on prevailing conditions).

Key benefits
  • As part of the Anti Graffiti System: For use on areas exposed to repeated graffiti
  • Withstands frequent cleaning, maintaining a decorative finish for longer.
  • Delivers a more pleasant built environment
  • Formulation Water-based
  • Pack sizes 5L when mixed (4L Base and 1L Activator)
  • Colour range Clear
For more information follow this link: Dulux Anti Graffiti Clearcoat