Dulux Trade Anti-Graffiti Paint Primer and Activator

Dulux Trade Anti Graffiti primer provides excellent adhesion on difficult surfaces which can then be overcoated with any Dulux Trade Emulsion followed by a coating of Dulux Trade Anti Graffiti Clear Coat. Dulux Trade Anti Graffiti Paint Clear Coat is a high performance water-based paint that is resistant to repeated washing, steam cleaning and solvent cleaning. It can be used where graffiti is a problem or as a hygienic coating e.g. hospitals, industrial kitchens and food and drink processing industries.

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For use on sound previously painted surfaces, or after sealer on bare concrete.

Cost includes both Base and Activator

Application information

  • Touch dry 4-6 hours at 20°C
  • Recoatable Minimum 16 hours, maximum 7 days.
  • Hard dry after 16 hours.
  • Thinning: This product should not be thinned.
Key benefits
  • As part of the Anti Graffiti System: For use on areas exposed to repeated graffiti
  • Withstands frequent cleaning, maintaining a decorative finish for longer.
  • Delivers a more pleasant built environment
  • Formulation Water-based
  • Pack sizes 5L when mixed (4L Base and 1L Activator)
  • Colour range White