Dulux Trade High Performance Floor Paint

Dulux Trade High Performance Floor Paint is a water-based two-pack epoxy floor paint, suitable for high traffic areas. Its hard wearing properties make it suitable for both interior and exterior use. It offers excellent abrasion resistance on concrete and metal floors, drying to a highly durable mid-sheen finish.


Comes as a 2 part composite; 1x3.22 Activator and 1x1.78 of Colour

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A 2 pack water-based formulation suitable for environments including heavy commercial. Both Base and Activator included in the cost

Application information

  • Coverage: Up to 6m² per litre
  • Touch dry 4-6 hours dependent on temperature and humidity
  • Recoatable 16-24 hours
  • Thinning: Normal use (not to be exceeded) 1 part clean water to 10 parts of paint
Key benefits
  • Water-based 2 pack system.
  • Suitable for use in heavy commercial environments.
  • Hard wearing durable finish for optimum performance.
  • Formulation Water-based
  • Pack sizes 5L made up of 3.22L Activator, 1.78L Base
  • Colour range Quarry Red, Merlin, Tideway, Goosewing
Application: Brush or roller only, do not spray. Mixing Ratio: Supplied in correct proportions. Add all of this Base to the Activator container and mix thoroughly for at least 5 minutes using a jiffy paddle in an electric drill, until the product is smooth and even. Do not mix part units. Badly activated or incorrectly mixed materials will affect performance and may cause early failure or discolouration. The mixed product should be allowed to stand for 5 minutes before application commences. Once started, application should continue without a break, cutting in where necessary as the application proceeds.
Pot Life: Up to 1 hour at 15°C. Up to 45 minutes at 23°C. Poor adhesion will result if product is thinned and used after pot life times.
  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    To get the best results, ensure surfaces to be painted are sound, clean and dry (new surfaces particularly must be fully dry). See Dulux Trade Datasheet 533 for full information before use, available free on request by telephoning 0333 222 70 70 or visiting duluxtrade.co.uk. Before surface preparation, read the Health & Safety information about old lead paints.
  • 2. Cleaning
    After use, remove as much paint as possible from equipment before cleaning with water
  • 3. Storing
    Do not use or store in extremes of temperature and protect from frost