Envirograf CLVM Clippers Fire Protection for Toilet Ducting

Intumescent clipper range to fire protect ventilation ducting in toilets/bathrooms
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A fibre-free intumescent bathroom ventilation clipper that allows the expansion and contraction of ventilation ducting. Easily affixed to walls or ceilings, with intumescent providing passive fire protection for toilet ducting. Our CLVM clippers for ducting protects against fire, smoke and corrosion. Also included in the range is the Intumescent Sleeve, a passive fire liner designed to protect toilet ventilation systems.

It is possible for ventilation units to overheat if not properly maintained, causing serious fires to break out within homes and buildings. Installing an intumescent sleeve for outlets provides effective passive fire protection. In the event of a fire, the intumescent expands to create a fire barrier, able to compartmentalise fire. Featuring intumescent at both ends to seal off ducting and ventilation systems where fire occurs. Intumescent sleeves can also withstand wet conditions of bathroom areas, with their fireproof properties remaining unaffected by moisture.