Envirograf E042 HW01F White Intumescent Coating


A range of clear or white intumescent coatings, ideal for upgrading existing timber surfaces to either 30 or 60 minutes integrity. Can be easily applied internally or externally by brush, roller or spray.



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Tested on a wide range of wooden doors, achieving 60 minutes integrity and either 30 or 60-minute fire protection and insulation according to BS476 Part22.

Up to 60 minutes fire protection achieved on open joists and floorboards according to BS476 Part 20.

90-minute fire rating achieved on timber mouldings and carcasses according to BS476 Part 20.

Tested on a range of timber types, including plywood and MDF, complying with BS476 Parts 6 & 7, Classes 0 & 1 (Spread of Flame).

Tested to European Standard EN1364-1, achieving 66 minutes integrity.

Complies with Classification B/S1/d0 of European Standard EN13823, single burn test (SBI) and EN11925-2 (ignitability).


– A lasting solution for internal and external treated or untreated wood- Can be used on insulation board, MDF board, plasterboard, timber and a wide variety of wood-derived products, including doors, flooring and furniture
– Perfect for upgrading existing wooden doors to 30 or 60-minute fire doors – no need to replace them!
– With the use of our primer, coatings can be applied on painted or varnished surfaces with no need to strip them beforehand
– Provides UV protection for external timber surfaces


HWAP/WB Primer

A water-based product to apply over existing paint, varnish or wax surfaces, before applying other coatings.

1 litre                                                2½ litres                                                  5 litres 

HW01/F White intumescent Coating

HW01FLEX is a water-based product that MUST have a protective Top Sealer Coat applied. Once coated, HW01F will last the life of the Top Coat. If the Top Coat is re-applied at the end of the cycle, HW01F will continue to offer fire protection for life. For INTERNAL & EXTERNAL use.

1 litre                                                                   2½ litres                                                 5 litres                                                                    20 litre buckets

Overcoat with Waterbased Topcoats:

WBI Fire Protect Topcoat Coloured (Interior)

WBE Fire Protect Topcoat Coloured (Exterior)

Or Overcoat with Solvent Topcoats:

SBI Topcoat Coloured (Interior)

HW03 Superb Topcoat White and Colours Matt Satin or Gloss Exterior