Envirograf E042 HWAP W-B Adhesion Primer

A water borne adhesion primer for previously varnished surfaces

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The HW System (Product 42) offers a range of clear, coloured or white coatings designed to upgrade new and existing timber substrates, offering up to 30 or 60 minutes fire protection meeting both UK National and European Fire Regulations


HW01/F and HW02/E are the intumescent fire protection coating elements for the overall coating systems. It is crucial that care is taken when applying these coatings and that the application instructions are rigorously followed. HW02/E (not HW01/F) is a hygroscopic material, if applied in the wrong conditions it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and can then become cloudy, resulting in the need to completely strip back the system. It is therefore very important to ensure the moisture in the atmosphere ­content is below 65% and that the wood substrate moisture content is also below 17%. As soon as the HW02/E coats are dry and completely clear, a top coat must be applied, sealing the HW02/E from moisture in the atmosphere. We recommend this system is not left overnight to dry without a top coat being applied. It is therefore important to only apply sufficient amounts that allow for coating completion with a day schedule. Please ensure all rooms are sufficiently kept warm during the drying time.