Envirograf HW Acrylic Top Coat Matt Finish

Envirograf HW Acrylic Top Coat is a coloured, Matt water based topcoat:

  • For use over Envirograf HW01 White Intumescent Coating, ES/VFR White Fire Protection Coating and EP/CP Fire Protection Coating
  • Designed as a high quality internal coating for general use
  • Ideal for plasterboard, lath-and-plaster and as a coating for plaster, masonry, etc.
  • Can be applied by brush, roller or spray
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A white, fire-resistant coating system, offering fire protection to plasterboard or lath-and-plaster ceilings and walls of various thicknesses. Provides an excellent solution for projects where plasterboard features are in need of fire rating but cannot be replaced, as is often the case in listed buildings. When attacked by fire, the intumescent material protects the integrity and insulation of the coated surface.


– Designed for application to 9mm or 12½mm thick plasterboard, 18mm & thicker lath-and-plaster, or concrete walls and ceilings, providing 1 hour of integrity and insulation

– Can be used to protect and insulate concrete and also insulate steelwork within a layer of concrete

– Dries to a smooth or stippled decorative finish

– An ideal solution for upgrading the fire rating of original features in Graded historical buildings


Clean all walls or ceilings, taking off any loose paint and removing all wall or ceiling paper. Any grooves or cracks in the ceiling or walls can be made good with Envirograf® Intumescent Cement – Product 63 or AM Intumescent Mastic – Product 58. Should it be found that EP/CP will not adhere to the existing coating, then either apply a PVA Adhesive Coating at a 50/50 ratio of adhesive to water, or apply 1 coat of Envirograf® HWAP Adhesion Primer at 14 m² per litre. Then apply 2 coats of EP/CP at the rate of 8 m² per litre, per coat. The approximate drying time is 1 hour. EP/CP is a smooth coating, but if you require a comb finish or a stippled look, then apply 1 coat of EP/CP at 8 m² per litre, followed by 1 coat of AB – Product 96 – this is a thicker version of EP/CP, which can be comb finished. EP/CP and AB both need a Top Finish Coat. This can be any make of external Smooth Acrylic Emulsion or Envirograf® HW/AEC Acrylic Coating at 10 m² per litre, per coat. This can be coloured and is available in matt or satin.


For Wallpaper or lathe plaster this can be left but instead of 2 coats you must apply 3 coats at 8m² Per Litre Per Coat.


HW04/UC white spirit based Undercoat at 10 m² per litre.
HW04/TC white spirit based Top Coat at 10 m² per litre. Available in matt, satin or gloss.
EP/CP and all the Top Coats can be coloured.
EP/CP can be painted onto all cornices or plaster mouldings with the same Top Coats applied.

Where cornices have gold leaf on them, a clear coating HW02/E can be applied – 3 coats at 8 m² per litre, per coat. For the Top Coat, apply 1 coat of BL/TCW water based clear Top Coat at 8-10 m² per litre.