Johnstones Trade Dry Lining Paint

Ideal for use on bare dry lining boards, its excellent opacity, coverage and application make it ideal for new work projects.
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Johnstone's innovative Dry Lining paint offers an enhanced dead matt finish that significantly reduces imperfections in areas featuring directional and natural critical lighting, such as spot lighting and large expanses of glass. Its unique application qualities allow the product to flow evenly and smoothly, creating a uniform finish on all board types and jointing compounds, and as it can be used to touch up filled in plaster, Johnstone's Dry Lining Paint is also ideally suited for use on marked or superficially damaged plasterboards.

Touch dry in 1-2 hours, Johnstone's Dry Lining paint has been developed to meet the rigorous requirements of modern construction projects that require a quick turnaround. Suitable for use with a brush, roller or spray, the product's improved flow makes application quick and easy. Offering even greater convenience to the professional contractor, Johnstone's Dry Lining Paint can be applied directly onto new plasterboard without the need to apply a primer, or onto suitably primed dry lining boards.

Boasting a range of key features that includes enhanced opacity to reduce imperfections highlighted by critical lighting, ease of application and touch up and a consistently high quality finish.

Key Benefits
Specially formulated for use on Dry Lining boards
Flatt matt emulsion
Enhanced opacity
Touch dry in 1-2 hours