Johnstones Trade Stormshield Flexible Primer Undercoat

A primer and undercoat in one for use in conjunction with the Flexible Gloss and Flexible Satin topcoats.

Retains flexibility for longer providing enhanced durability.

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Johnstone’s Stormshield Flexible Primer Undercoat is a premium quality, microporous primer and undercoat formulated to provide longer lasting protection for exterior woodwork and suitably primed metal surfaces.

It retains flexibility longer than traditional undercoats and is designed specifically for use in conjunction with Johnstone's Stormshield Flexible Gloss or Satin.

To ensure the paint system achieves its 8 years to first maintenance the product must be applied in accordance with a project specific Johnstone’s Technical Specification and BS 6150, 2006 Code of Practice for Painting Buildings.

Finish: Matt

Pack size: 2.5ltr

Substrate: Timber, Softwood, Plywood panels, Hardwood, Window frames, Wood

Type: Solvent Based

Use with: Flexible Gloss