Johnstones Trade Universal Primer

Our durable, strong, solvent-based Universal Primer can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal and masonry.
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All of our primers have been expertly designed to increase paint durability, add additional protection to any materials being painted, and ensure better adhesion or paint to surfaces. They can be used on iron, steel, plaster and softwood.
Available in 1-litre, 2-litre and 5-litre packs, this matt-finish primer can help you complete any task, from single pieces to whole exteriors.

Multi-Surface Work

Our Universal Primer can work as an undercoat on a wide variety of surfaces and, thanks to the resins contained within the primer, it will adhere to the surface instead of soaking into the material.


All our primers are solvent-based, which is ideal for sealing, stain blocking and finishing.


Our Universal Primer is available in both white and red oxide for a variety of different uses.
Take a look at the Safety Sheet and Data Sheet of Johnstone's Trade Universal Primer below.