Linitop Classic Acryl

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At A Glance...

  • Non-drip for easy application and a perfect finish
  • Available in 6 stylish coloured finishes
  • High performance water-based wood stain with excellent UV resistance
  • Water repellent and microporous surface
  • Enhances the wood and maintains its natural appearance


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Linitop Classic Acryl is our new water-based version of our best-selling solvent-based stain Linitop Classic. It is a high performance, water-based wood stain with a semi-transparent satin finish and is currently available in 6 of our most popular coloured finishes. It is micro-porous and water repellent with a highly flexible film that reduces the risk of peeling and flaking. Linitop Classic Acryl is long lasting and provides high UV and weather resistance with minimal maintenance – approximately every 5 years.

Being water-based, Linitop Classic Acryl is quick-drying and can be re-coated after just 6 hours. This makes it perfect if you’re looking for a product which can be applied quickly and easily both internally and externally – and with simple soap and water clean up it’s not going to take long. It’s also non-drip so application is smooth and simple with a brush, roller or by sprayer.

For an even richer colour, you can use a basecoat of Linitop Acryl Prim which will penetrate the wood, staining the fibres. You can then continue with 2 coats of Linitop Classic Acryl in the usual manner to achieve a particularly rich colour but still get the enhanced UV protection.

What can I use Linitop Classic Acryl water-based wood stain for?

  • Low-maintenance protection of sheds and fences
  • Decorating gates and trellis in stylish colours
  • Providing weather resistance for exterior vertical surfaces
  • Staining interior doors and window frames