Linitop Grain Filler (Bouche-Pores)

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At A Glance...

  • Fills small surface imperfections before application of the top varnish
  • Never apply directly to the bare wood but only after a first coat of Linitop Vernis
  • Re-coat with a solvent-based varnish for an ultra smooth finish
  • Exceptional filling properties – can be applied to old varnish in a good condition
  • Easy sanding and used straight from the tin


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Linitop Grain Filler (also known as Linitop Bouche-Pores) is a transparent, semi-gloss wood grain filler for interior woodwork. It is used between two coats of varnish to achieve an ultra-smooth finish and is perfect for use with a clear solvent-based varnish.

Grain Filler is used straight from the tin so does not require mixing and has good brush application properties. It fills any surface imperfections enabling you to achieve a superior finish and has exceptional filling properties so can even be used with old varnish in good condition.

Linitop Grain Filler must not be used directly on bare wood, its place is after the initial coat of varnish. Give the wood a light sanding and dust off before applying the Grain Filler and then leave for 24 hours before finishing with varnish.

Ideal uses for Linitop Wood Grain Filler

  • Achieving an ultra smooth finish on any interior woodwork
  • Filling small surface imperfections before using a topcoat varnish
  • Reviving old varnish which is still in good condition
  • Renovating resinous woods, broad leaved woods and tropical hardwoods