Linitop Parket

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At A Glance...

  • Long term protection for wood subject to abrasion: parquets, stairs, floors etc
  • Single component polyurethane floor varnish for interior wood
  • Extra resistant – protects and waterproofs the wood
  • High resistance to wear, abrasion and scratches
  • Non-slip finish


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Linitop Parket is a single component polyurethane floor varnish for interior wood. With its beautiful satin finish, it allows the wood to show through enhancing its natural beauty.

Linitop Parket is perfect for using on parquet, stairs and floors as it is extra resistant against abrasion and scratches. It also waterproofs the wood, leaving a non-slip finish behind. It can be applied to all types of wood including untreated wood, or sealed wood in a good condition.

What can I use Linitop Parket for?

  • Protection against damage caused by wear
  • Waterproofing your floor leaving behind a beautiful satin finish
  • Perfect for use on parquets, stairs and other wood floors
  • Can also be applied over a base coat of Linitop Prim & Finish