Magna Muros Blackboard Paint for Pros

Paint for Pros Blackboard Paint is a water-based paint, which is quick drying and easy to apply Can be applied to various materials and surfaces Can be used over our Magnet Paint and Plaster This size tin is ideal for school, home and office use, or anywhere you need a small work or play area Non-toxic and is VOC and lead free
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Professional Paint for All Areas

Paint For Pros BlackboardPaint easily transforms every (smooth) surface into a blackboard. Walls, doors, cabinets or tables, this high-quality paint can be applied to almost any material. This is a water-based paint which is virtually odourless and is child friendly. Easy to use on top of the Magnet Paint to create a magnetic blackboard surface. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE BlackboardPaint is a water-based paint, which contains no solvents and dries quickly. It is also easy to apply and is virtually odourless. As a result, this means that the paint can be used in any room.

Paint for Pro BlackboardPaint is available in Black and Grey.