Magna Muros Glow Paint

Magic lighting in the dark Ready for use & Quick and easy to apply 500ml tin covers approximately 10m² 30 minutes of lighting paint visible in dark for 25 hours Emission-free, no nasty odours and safe to use indoors.
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Paint that brings your imagination to life!

Bluescreen Paint is a premium water-based matt blue wall paint that turns walls and objects into a bluescreen. Easy to use and apply Bluescreen paint can be painted onto a wall or surface to create the perfect backdrop for filmmaking. Suitable for editing video recordings with Chroma Key technique, you can transform your footage from the comfort of your own home.

Create your own music videos or movies, business messages or instruction videos. By filming a character or object in front of the green wall you can add any desired background later by using video editing software with chromakey technique. 

Bluescreen paint is environmentally friendly and safe to apply indoors.  Ready to use and quick and easy to apply with a short-haired roller. The1 Litre tin covers approximately 10 square meters.

Bluescreen paint can be combined with MagnetPaint for a magnetically receptive surface.