Magna Muros Magnet Plaster

Dark Grey Magnet Plaster is for indoor use only It is perfect for classrooms, offices, hospitals and conference rooms; anywhere a magnetic surface is required One layer of Magnet Plaster has more receptivity than three layers of Magnet paint Can be covered with most wallpapers Contains no volatile solvents
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Strong Magnet Plaster for Heavy Duty Use

Paint For Pros MagnetPlaster is a premium quality plaster, with a smooth wall finish. A special iron powder has been added which turns it in to a plaster which attracts magnets. One layer of MagnetPlaster has more strength than three layers of MagnetPaint. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE MagnetPlaster consists of a synthetic resin dispersion with fine bulking agents and iron powder. It contains no plasticisers or volatile solvents, making it safe and easy to apply. Once the surface is treated with MagnetPlaster, it can be painted with any conventional paint and in any colour. It can also be wallpapered over. MagnetPlaster can be used indoors on any
load-bearing surface on which a ferrous magnetic surface is desired. Presentations, decorations or notes can be fixed to the plaster layer with (neodymium) magnets without having to screw, nail or drill into the surface.

Paint For Pros Quartz White Primer is a ready to use white primer with an acrylic dispersion base filled with quartz. The composition of the product ensures excellent coverage and strength. Ideal for improving the adhesion of MagnetPlaster and other Plasters.

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