Owatrol Antik Crackle

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  • Creates natural looking antique or old style random cracked effects.
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Easy application
  • Available in a 500ml tin
  • Water-based, odourless & quick drying


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Antik Crackle is a translucent coating for creating natural looking antique or old style random cracked effects.

Use it to up-cycle any thing, from interior design ornaments, to garden features to walls!

It can be used on any surface with varying degrees of “cracking”.

Ideal uses for Antik crackle

  • Furniture such as wooden chairs or tables etc
  • Picture frames, Dados rails etc
  • Home furnishings such as lamp stands, bowls, coat racks
  • Use on all surface types.

Before you start

  • Cover and protect everything you do not wish to coat.
  • Apply between 5°C and 25°C.
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces.

Surface Preparation

  • Surfaces must be in good sound condition, clean, dry and free of all grease, oil and other surface contamination.
  • Meticulously clean surface using a suitable cleaning agent depending on the substrate and contamination e.g. Acetone, Hot Soapy Water (rinse thoroughly) etc.

Non-Porous and Difficult Surfaces (Plastic, Glass, Stainless Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals etc)

Primer surface with Absolute Primer prior to using Antik Crackle.

Application of Antik Crackle

  • Use as is. Do not thin.
  • Stir or shake well before use.
  • The colour of the cracks will be that of the surface or for a different coloured surface apply a coat of water-based/acrylic paint in the chosen colour and allow to dry.
  • Apply a very generous coat of Antik Crackle
  • Allow to dry (The dry product may remain sticky).
  • Apply a coat of water-based/acrylic paint in the chosen colour.

Ensure the paint is applied and left alone. Do not Re-apply or smooth out.

Allow the paint to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The background colour shows between the cracks within a few minutes as the paint is drying

For added and long term protection of the cracked effect, apply a coat of Natural Varnish.

Irregular and/or dappled application of the Antik Crackle and/or the finish allows a very natural cracked effect to be obtained.

When the final effect is dry but not protected by Natural Varnish, it is possible to create an aged effect as shown in the photos. To achieve this, pour very hot water on to the areas you wish to create this effect on, to remove the finish.

Clean Up

Soap and water.