Owatrol D1 Pro - D.1

Looking for a High Performance Decking Oil?

✔️For interior and exterior use

👍Perfect for hardwood decking

🔱Long lasting natural finish with a honey or weathered grey tint

☀Excellent penetration with fantatic UV resistance

🖌Easy to use and easy to maintain with no stripping or sanding

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D.1 PRO with added UV inhibitors, is a high performance oil which saturates the wood to replace those that have been lost. Pushing out moisture and air and filling the woods pores with rich oil, it stabilises the wood to provide long lasting protection.

For interior and exterior timber, horizontal or vertical surfaces, D.1 PRO enhances the natural beauty of the wood whilst also being easy to use and maintain, requiring no sanding or stripping.

Ideal uses for D.1 Pro

  • Great for use on tropical hardwoods such as Ipe, Teak, Bangkirai, Mahogany etc
  • For exterior wooden surfaces such as decking, garden furniture, fences, cladding etc
  • For interior wooden surfaces such as floors, stairs, door & window frames etc
  • Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces
  • Ideal for dense, greasy or difficult to impregnate hardwood.