Owatrol DSP 800 (was CDKP 90 Stripper)

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At A Glance...

  • Fast-acting formula can remove paint in as little as 5 minutes
  • Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride) free
  • Gel formula which will not run or sag
  • Surface can be recoated after just 6 hours
  • Suitable for removing car paints


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DSP 800 is a powerful, ‘Dichloromethane’ free multi-purpose stripper, for the removal of all coating types – Alkyd, Acrylic, PU, Epoxy, Cellulose, RSE (semi-thick coating), RPE (thick plastic coating) and more. It is a very strong stripper that can even remove 2-Pack paints and powder coatings without damaging the substrate making it perfect for a wide range of  applications.

Fast acting and ready to use, DSP 800 works on all surfaces (except plastic), leaving a clean, coating free surface that can be refinished after just 6 hours. Containing no acid, caustic soda or potash, DSP800 will not darken wood and thus requires no neutralisation after use.

Ideal Uses for Owatrol’s DSP 800 Stripper

  • Removing car paint
  • Stripping interior and exterior wood surfaces
  • Getting rid of unwanted carpet glue
  • Stripping paint from stone and cement walls


Do not use on plastics, GRP or other similar type surfaces – risk of dissolving surface.

Avoid prolonged contact with aluminium.

*Actual coverage will depend on the type of finish and numbers of coats being stripped and thickness of DSP 800 applied.