Owatrol Lianfloor Waterborne joint and crack filler

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Waterborne joint and crack filler for wooden floors

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  • Odourless - Quick drying.
  • Easy to use - Easy to sand. Non-yellowing - Maintains woods natural colour.
  • Long lasting flexibility - Will not crack.
  • Neutral PH - Unaffected by tannin bleed
  • Filling joints, cracks, holes and other defects not exceeding 2mm in width.
  • Mix with sawdust from sanding (grit No's 80 to 100).
  • Prevents bonding of joints by the finish – Allows floor to flex and move.
  • All new and old uncoated wooden flooring and staircases including parquet and veneered (engineered) flooring.
  • Compatible with all Owatrol flooring products : PRIMAFLOOR, OLEOFLOOR CLASSIC, OLEOFLOOR NATURAL, VEGAFLOOR and ULTIMAFLOOR and all other stains and varnishes compatible with acrylic fillers.
  • All soft and hardwoods including exotic hardwoods.
  • Refer to technical data sheet for detailed application instructions.
  • Coverage : Depends on substrate
  • Application tools : spatula - bucket
  • Application temperature : 10°C to +25°C
  • Drying : 2 h.
  • Clean-up : Water
  • Container size :1L - 2,5L
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