Owatrol RA.85 Aluminium paint RA85

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  • Intense high gloss aluminium look suitable for all surfaces
  • Excellent penetrating and adhesion properties – does not flake or peel
  • Decorative insulating film – high temperature resistance up to 175°C
  • Excellent abrasion resistance – ideal in aggressive climatic conditions
  • Greatly prolongs the life of the treated surface
  • Galvanised surfaces do not require weathering or pickling prior to application
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RA.85 Aluminium Paint is a flexible, anti corrosive coating that holds the deep penetrating and adhesion properties of Owatrol Oil.

RA.85 will restore even rusted and corroded surfaces to an acceptable appearance and give lasting protection while greatly prolong the life of the surface.

Perfect for interior or exterior use, RA.85 can be used on things such as grates, fences, roofing, pipes, machinery, plumbing etc and can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

RA.85 has excellent abrasion resistance, withstands chemical attack and is ideal in aggressive climatic conditions where a high resistant finish is necessary.

RA.85 was originally developed for use in the shipping industry and quickly became a favorite cargo hold coating.

Ideal uses for RA.85 Aluminium Paint

  • Anti corrosive aluminium finish with intense high gloss look.
  • Excellent penetrating and adhesion properties due to the binding properties of Owatrol Oil – Does not peel or flake.
  • Perfect for rejuvenating rusted surfaces.
  • Ideal for aggressive climatic conditions. Withstands chemical attacks.
  • Very good film-forming qualities (adhesion, flexibility, even film).
  • High temperature resistance up to +175 °C.