Owatrol Textrol HES

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  • High solids content to protect the wood from UV rays
  • Beautiful matt-sheen finish which enhances the natural beauty of the wood
  • Easy to apply with a single coat
  • Non film-forming so won’t peel or flake
  • Suitable for use on softwoods and European hardwoods


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Textrol HES is a one-coat, penetrating oil finish for softwoods and European hardwoods. It has been developed to penetrate deep in to the wood with a high solids content which protects the timber against damage caused by the weather and UV rays.

Textrol HES has a luxurious matt-sheen finish which enhances the grain and natural beauty of the wood. As it is penetrative and its place is not on the surface it will not peel or flake as it doesn’t form a film. Textrol HES is perfect if you’re short on time as it has the same great protection properties of Textrol but only needs a single coat! In addition, the required maintenance is minimal with likely maintenance coats only required once in every couple of years or longer making it a sound investment for the future.

Ideal Uses for Owatrol’s Textrol HES

  • Protecting your deck simply and efficiently
  • Retaining the natural beauty of wood cladding
  • Enhancing the look of garden furniture
  • Protecting a large quantity of fencing with minimal time investment

Please Note swatches are given as a guide only and are based on use for light coloured softwoods. Actual colour will depend on the type and age of the wood surface treated. Always test a sample first before coating the entire surface.



Not suitable for exotic hardwoods or thermally heated oil impregnated wood.

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