Ronseal Thompson's WaterSeal

For multi-surface waterproofing that protects stone, brick and concrete

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For multi-surface waterproofing that protects stone brick and concrete 

Key Features

Prevents water damage.

Beads & waterproofs.

Exceeds all federal waterproofing standards for stone, concrete and brick:

Concrete: exceeds federal specification TT-C-555B for resistance to wind-driven rain.

Brick: exceeds federal specification SS-W-110C for water repellency on brick.

Use on: brick patios, concrete driveways, exterior surfaces.

Use when mildew/biological factors are not a problem.

Coverage will vary considerably due to porosity of surface materials. Material (approximate coverage sq. ft./gal.) Brick 175 Concrete 250 Smooth Concrete Block 50 *Clay Tile & Quarry Tile 250 Stucco 250 *Slate - Masonite 375 *Wipe surface dry after 5-10 minutes. **Quart formula has different coverage rates.

Directions for use

Be sure that both surface and air temperatures are about 50°F during application and remain above 40°F for 48 hours after application. Do not apply product if rain is forecasted within 24 hours of application. Perform the splash test. Sprinkle water on various sections of surface to be sealed. If water absorbs and darkens color of surface within five seconds, surface is porous and considered ready to be treated. If water beads up or otherwise sits on top of surface, then surface does not need protection at this time. Cover plants and shrubs. Move all objects that could come in contact with overspray. Wet overspray of product can be removed by flushing immediately with water. Dried overspray can be removed with paint thinner or mineral spirits. Do not use in below grade application where water pressure is a problem, or on painted or recently stained surfaces. DO NOT USE AS AN ADDITIVE TO PAINT Protect product from freezing. Do not store below 32°F. In case of accidental freezing, call The Thompson's Company Help Line. Surface preparation Surfaces and substrates must be free of all mildew, dust, dirt, oil, soot, grease and other contaminants. Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned prior to application with a Thompson's® WaterSeal® deck or concrete cleaner applied according to label directions and cautions. Always allow the surface to dry thoroughly (minimum of 2 days for wood, 3 or more days for concrete or masonry) before application. Concrete that has a smooth, flat finish must be opened to allow for proper penetration. This should be done by using a concrete etch product. Allow concrete to dry a minimum of 72 hours after etching before applying a waterproofer. If surface is damp or wet from cleaning or weather, always allow the surface to dry thoroughly (a minimum of 48 hours) before application. Application Do not mix with other waterproofing products; variations in the final appearance may result. Do not thin. Concrete/Stucco must be completely cured (minimum of thirty days) and dry. Shake contents well before use. A small trial patch should be tried before application over the entire surface. Only one light coat is necessary in most applications. Apply by brush, roller, dipping, or sprayer. A garden "pump-up" style sprayer is the simplest method. Product will appear milky white during application, but will dry clear. If puddling of product occurs, remove within 15 minutes by redistributing to dry areas or wiping off. Use only with adequate ventilation. Darkening of the surface and tackiness will result if over-applied or if overnight temperature falls below 40°F within 48 hours of application. Drying Allow at least 24 hours to dry; however drying time will vary depending on the substrate, temperature, and humidity. When completely dry, do splash test to determine if second coat is necessary. Allow 45 days drying time before applying latex paint over Thompson's® WaterSeal® Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer. Allow a minimum of 3 days drying time before applying oil-based paint over Thompson's® WaterSeal® Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer. Length of protection will vary depending on environment. Perform the splash test once a year to see whether reapplication is necessary. Vertical and horizontal surfaces will experience color changes at different rates. Clean Up Clean brushes and equipment with soap and water.