Sadolin Advanced One Coat

  • For all exterior wood, excluding decking
  • Quick & Easy application, Durable finish
  • Unique time saving maintenance coat
  • Resists flaking, peeling and blistering

Also available in over 30 tinted shades

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Sadolin Advanced One Coat offers high performance and a superior finish in just one coat

Easy maintenance in one coat

Provides a thicker coating to offer a high level of protection in one coat

Product Description

Sadolin One Coat is a high performance woodstain, which colours, enhances and protects your existing wood thanks to its patented technology. Sadolin One Coat is easy to apply and its excellent one coat performance can save you time, energy and money. Sadolin One Coat’s high solids technology has many positive benefits including deeper absorption into the wood to give a fuller, longer lasting colour and a greater resistance to peeling and flaking as well as a thicker coating, to give a higher level of protection. The colours represented on our website are not an exact match to the colours within the can of woodstain you purchase.

Recommended usage

Maintenance or top coat for window & door joinery. Can also be used on cladding and other boarded surfaces. All exterior woodwork excluding decking.

Coverage for each coat


Planed softwood up to 15m²/litre
Hardwood joinery up to 15m²/litre


Drying time


Touch dry 4 – 6 hours
Recoat 16 – 24 hours


Tinted Colours: