Sayerlack AF72 Waterbased Interior Clear Lacquer

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Ultra High Quality Interior Clear Lacquer for Wood

Spray or Brush Application


Can be Crosslinked with XA4080

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AF72 is a range of one-pack, high-build, waterborne, self-sealing lacquers designed for interior joinery on doors, stairs and other vertical substrates ensuring good hardness, chemical resistance, thermoplasticity and smoothness to the touch. It has been tested and performs to FIRA 6250 severe use rating for abrasion resistance.

Its has a high transparency, vertical hold and excellent sanding. It's the ideal product for doors and vertical wooden components. It can be sprayed using a conventional gun, air mix system, airless system and electrostatic spray guns. It can be used as a self sealer or as a topcoat underneath one of the basecoats from the Hydroplus range. It comes ready to use and can be crosslinked with 2% of XA4080 for a more durable chemical resistant finish, 3% of XA4095 for and double crosslink and thinned using water if necessary.


  • Comes in 7 Sheens
  • Very high build and holds vertically
  • Ready for use or can be crosslinked
  • Super smooth finish
  • Can be used on top of Sayerlack Hydroplus Clear Sealers