Sayerlack AV19 Interior Waterbased Coating for Glass

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Sayerlack AV19 Tintable WB Glass Coating
Sayerlack AV1920 Tintable WB Glass Coating is waterborne which once crosslinked with 3% XA4095 ensures excellent adhesion. It has an excellent surface hardness, flow, and resistance to thermic vibrations as well as good vertical hold. This product can also be tinted to a wide range of colours.

Mix 3% with XA4095

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Sayerlack AV1940 Tintable WB Glass Coating is for use on all glass surfaces for indoor use. It can be applied using airmix, airless or conventional spray. Be sure to clean and degrease the surface well with alcohol before applying.


Apply directly to the reverse side of the glass after activating 3% with XA4095 adhesion additive.

Please contact us before applying this product if you are not experienced spraying Glass.