Sayerlack AZ9700/BB W/B Joinery Topcoat 5Ltr

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AZ9700/BB is a 1-pack waterborne topcoat with excellent elasticity and durability which makes it ideal for protecting external wooden joinery.
In addition, it exhibits excellent wettability and ease of application.
It can be pigmented with XA4034/XX pastes.

AZ97XX/85 has the following special features:
Versatility of application: the product has good thixotropy, which makes it suitable for both horizontal and vertical application, as well as for industrial and professional application.
- Protection from UV radiation: it is not subject to any kind of degradation due to UV radiation, but protects the substrate thanks to the presence of special UV absorbers.

  • -  Fast drying

  • -  Not subject to spontaneous combustion

  • -  Not subject to lifting, even when overcoated at short intervals.

    Preparation of the substrate

    AZ97XX/85 is to be applied on wood previously treated with Hydroplus preservative wood stains. When desired, it is possible to apply one coat of washcoat by flow-coating or one coat of basecoat by spray.

    Application system

    By spray (conventional, airmix, airless or electrostatic) either horizontally or vertically. AZ97XX/85 can be thinned with drinking water up to 3% max. Application weight is the following:

in 1-coat systems: apply one coat at 275-300 μm wet