Sayerlack TZ93 HXD 2 pack solvent based acrylic topcoat for interior wood

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Sayerlack TZ93 Acrylic Topcoat

Use over TU55 Acrylic Basecoat

Mix 10% with TH790 Hardener

Thin with DT2165 Thinner

In The Summer or for Roller application, Thin with DT40

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Sayerlack TZ93 is a clear scratch resistant interior use Acrylic Topcoat, with HXD technology featuring a very high surface hardness that ensures excellent scratch resistance, a smooth touch and good wettability.

TZ93**/00 is especially recommended for non-yellowing systems and for finishing stained substrates.

During summertime, thinner DT0040/00 is recommended in order to achieve the right wettability and drying time.
We advise against applying TZ93**/00 by curtain coater.


  • High Build
  • Yellowing Resistance
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Available in All Sheens

Mixing Procedure:

Part A

Part B


Weight (Kg)

TZ93**/00 100%

TH0790/00 10%

DT2165/00 30-50%, DT0040 30-50%


Conventional Spray with 1.8mm Tip, Air Mix Spray, Airless Spray or Curtain Coater



Number of Coats:


Drying Times @ 20°C

Dust Free

Touch Dry



15-20 Minutes

50-60 Minutes

8 Hours

Pot Life:

6 Hours