Thermoguard Asbestos Encapsulating Coat

Asbestos Encapsulating Coat is  used to seal in difficult-to-remove, firmly bonded asbestos and loose isolated fibres remaining after primary rigid asbestos removal has taken place. 

Effectively prevents the release of asbestos and other fibres into the atmosphere by encapsulating them.

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Can be used in conjunction with Thermoguard Timbercoat or Wallcoat Intumescent Paints to upgrade combustible surfaces to Class 1 and Class 0.

  • Asbestos encapsulation in two coats
  • Matt or Eggshell
  • Flexible Smoke and Flame retardant
  • Encapsulating coat for rigid asbestos
  • Internal walls and ceilings and external walls
  • Class 0 + B s1 d0
  • White + BS & RAL colours