Thermoguard Flame Retardant Anti Graffiti Clear Glaze


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A COST EFFECTIVE ANSWER TO A SERIOUS PROBLEM Inherently non-combustible surfaces such as plaster- board and brick can become a potential fire hazard due to repeated redecoration with conventional paints. Different paint types from a variety of manufacturers have generally been used over many years with less than thorough preparation. In a fire thick layers of old paint tend to delaminate rapidly catching and spreading fire around a building. In extreme cases a lethal "flash- over" fireball effect is created. The resultant risk to life and property can be greatly reduced at minimum cost using a combination of Thermoguard Wallcoat, an insulating "intumescent" barrier coating and Thermoguard flame retardant paint.

DESCRIPTION AND USE Thermoguard Wallcoat is an intumescent undercoat for application to previously painted plaster, Artex, board, brick and concrete walls and ceilings. Overcoated with Thermoguard flame retardant paint it insulates old paint films from fire, controlling the spread of flames along walls and ceilings.

TO SPECIFY Simply state: Prepare and apply Thermoguard Wallcoat and Thermoguard flame retardant acrylic eggshell/vinyl matt/vinyl silk/anti-graffiti finish according to manufacturer's instructions

APPLICATION Apply 1 coat Thermoguard Wallcoat at 8M2/litre plus either: 1 coat Thermoguard Flame Retardant Acrylic Matt at 10 M2/ litre: or 2 coats Flame Retardant Acrylic Eggshell at 10M2/litre per coat: or 2 coats Flame Retardant Anti-Graffiti or Hygiene Finish at 10M2/litre. Max. Relative Humidity 75%. Min. Temperature 6°C. Min. Surface Temperature 3°C above dew point.

FIRE TESTING Tested to BS476 Part 7; Class 1 surface spread of flame. BS476 Part 6; Fire propagation. Designated Class 0 in accordance with U.K. Building Regulations. INTUMESCENT AND FLAME RETARDANT FIRE PROTECTION When exposed to a fire Thermoguard flame retardant paint releases a flame extinguishing gas which instantly protects the surface. Simultaneously heat activates Thermoguard Wallcoat underneath causing it to expand and create a fire protective barrier, insulating old paint films from heat and oxygen.

FINISH AND COLOUR RANGE Full BS4800 + RAL colour range. Thermoguard Wallcoat is tinted to match the finishing colour. Thermoguard flame retardant paint is available in BS4800 + RAL colours, in acrylic eggshell, acrylic matt, anti-graffiti and hygiene finishes. Please refer to separate data sheet. A clear flame retardant anti-graffiti glaze is also available.

FIRE CERTIFICATION Thermoguard issue a Certificate of Supply upon request for each project for Insurance, Fire and Building Control Authority and Client Records.