Thermoguard Safewalls Anti-Viral SFR Topcoat

Finish applied in a single coat over 1 coat Safewalls Insulating Basecoat Anti-Viral and Anti-Bac on painted walls.

Kills Coronavirus, flu and bacteria fast.

12 x the % nano-particle silver contained in other biocidal paints to break down virus shells. Polyurethane-hardened acrylic, with even, resilient finish to resist microbe penetration and enable effective regular cleaning.

Safest fire ratings Class B s1 d0 and Class 0 when applied over Safewalls Insulating Basecoat over any number, type or combination of wall paints.

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When walls are coated with Thermoguard Safewalls they rapidly accelerate the death of Corona and Flu viruses, help prevent bacteria colonisation and eradication of harmful bacteria. The paint protects walls & ceilings covered with Multi-Layer Paints (no number-of-coats limit), Asbestos, Wallpaper or Antimony-paint contamination.

  • Contains CORONA-KILL®
  • 99% bacteria reduction in 24 hours
  • 91.5% Coronavirus reduction in 2 hours
  • 87.5% Coronavirus efficacy relative to anti-bacteria paint
  • Certified protection for Hallways, stairs and common areas in schools, hospitals, care homes, sheltered accommodation, offices, hospitality and homes for large families
  • Safest flamespread standards Class 0 and new Class B, toxic smoke and gas standard s1, flaming droplets standard d0
  • Enables property managers to meet Duty of Care in just 2 coats
  • Certificate of Supply available on request
  • 2500+ colours available from RAL, BS and NCS