Thermoguard Safewood Mattwood and Satinwood Anti-viral

Thermoguard Safewood Mattwood Anti-Viral Varnish is a decorative & protective clear matt finish applied over Thermoguard Safewood paint systems & Thermoguard Fire Varnish Basecoat. 

Unless protected with a treatment to kill enveloped coronaviruses, flu and bacteria, hand contact with doors, frames, window sills & other wood create a potential infection risk.

Thermoguard Safewood Mattwood destroys the casing on “enveloped” viruses leading to rapid disintegration, disrupts the breeding & causes disintegration of bacteria.

  • For Doors, Sills & Trim
  • Kills Coronavirus, influenza & bacteria 
  • Forms part of a system for protecting wood and wood-based boards against fire
  • Fire Rating: BS EN Class B s2 dO over Thermoguard  Fire Varnish Basecoat
  • For virus and bacteria protection apply 2 coats
  • 99% bacteria reduction in 4 hours
  • 93.4% Coronavirus reduction in 2 hours
  • Certificate of Supply available on request
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Key Benefits:

  • Decorative and Protective finish applied over Safewood systems and Fire Varnish Basecoat
  • Safewood system protects wood and wood-based boards
  • Achieves BS EN Class B s2 dO safest standards
  • 93.4% Coronavirus reduction in 2 hrs. 99% bacteria reduction in 4 hrs

Colour: Clear

How it works:
Unless protected with a treatment to kill enveloped viruses like Coronavirus and bacteria hand contact with doors , frames , window sills and other wood create a potential infection risk Coronaviruses and bacteria remain contagious for weeks on hard surfaces like painted , varnished or stained wood Safewood Mattwood destroys the casing on “enveloped” viruses leading to rapid disintegration, disrupts the breading and causes disintegration of bacteria

Fire Test: FIRE TEST STANDARDS in UKAS and EOTA - accredited Fire Test laboratory. BS EN Class B s1 d0 (old Class 0 compliant) on wood and wood-based boards over Fire Varnish Basecoat.

Microbial Surfaces coated with Safewood Anti-Viral Mattwood are designated Anti-Viral in just 2 hrs
Test: 93.4% Coronavirus reduction in 2hrs to approved test ISO 21702. 99% bacteria reduction in 4hours to approved test ISO 22196. In approved UK Microbiology Laboratories.


Surfaces should be sound and firmly adhering, clean, dry and free of surface contamination.
Remove loose, flaking or suspect paint films.
Abrade old smooth or hard coatings with 120 grit for a key
Clean to remove dirt, grease and any wax
For paint colours treat knots with shellac-free sealer by brush, dense short-pile “glossing” roller or spray.
Maintain wet edge during application.
Clean equipment with white spirit

Pack Sizes Sold in 10 sq m and 30 sq m pack sizes to aid correct application
Coverage: Follow on can guide to coverage to enable project Certification.
Drying Times: In normal conditions product will be touch dry in 6 hours and recoatable in 12 hours

o not apply in temperatures under 5°C or above 30°C. Maximum relative Humidity below 75%. Wood should be fully dry. Surface should be at least 3°C above the dew point. Avoid condensation

Typical Use:This product forms part of a system for protecting wood and wood-based boards against fire.
For virus and bacteria protection apply 2 coats

VOC Content: Low VOC. EU limit for this product (cat A/i) is 140 g/l. This product contains 16 g/lv
Composition: Catalytic and safe vapour-emission compounds, nano-particle encapsulation- enhanced biocidal metals, solvent-based


Stir well before use
Brushes & Roller Use a woven short pile roller sleeve or synthetic brush at rate stated on can

Certificates Once the works are complete, a project and area- specific Certificate available after due diligence via stating any project specification number.

Cleaning: Return as much unused material to its original container as possible. Wash brushes,
rollers and guns with white spirit immediately following use.

Health And Safety
Please refer to the relevant Safety Data Sheet for full details of this product.
Apply all products according to BS 6150:2019- Buildings Painting Code of Practice
Do not store this product in cold temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C.
Store in a dry secure place away from children or animals.
Dispose of in accordance with local authority waste disposal measures.
Do not pour into drains or watercourses. Reduce- Reuse- Recycle.