Thermoguard Thermocoat W (WO and WI) Intumescent Basecoat for Steel

Thermocoat is a thin decorative intumescent paint system providing fire resistance to structural steel and cast iron.

The unique range of hard, high quality, weather resistant finishes enhance a building's architectural or historic features.

Will Require Flame Retardant Finish for exposed areas.

Choose WI for  Universal Beams, Columns and other open section steel:

Choose WO for CHS, SHS and RHS hollow sections

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FIRE TESTING Assessment is based upon certified fire tests at the Faverdale Technology Centre and Fire Research Centre (Fire Test Laboratories) to BS476 Part 21 - Fire Resistance of loadbearing elements of structure for 30 mins., 60mins., 90mins. and 120 mins.

ECONOMY AND SPEED ½ hour and 1hour fire resistance can be achieved with a single applications of Thermocoat. 1½ hour fire resistant can be achieved with just two coats of Thermocoat.


  • Eggshell............... BS4800 + RAL
  • One-coat gloss..... BS4800 + RAL.
  • Metallic................ Steel, gunmetal, rust, silver, gold.
  • Non decorative..... N.A - For dry, hidden areas only.

FIRE CERTIFICATION Thermoguard issue a Certificate of Supply upon request for each project for Insurance, Fire and Building Control Authority and Client Records.

HOW IT WORKS ESTIMATING SERVICE Heat in a fire triggers a catalytic reaction causing expansion of an instulating char layer up to 50 times the paint film thickness. This keeps the steel below its critical temperature thus maintaining the structural stability of the building Thermoguard's experienced Estimating Department provides realistic, confidential guidance on project costings to Contractors and Quantity Surveyors.

TECHNICAL ADVISORY SERVICE Thermoguard's Technical Department provides expert advice and assistance with all aspects of specification and application.

PREPARATION AND PRIMERS Steel and cast Iron should be free from rust and millscale and primed with Thermocoat high-build primer 75 microns DFT or other metal primer compatible with intumescent paints. Galvanised steel should be degreased and primed with a suitable etch primer. Thermocoat High-Build/Metal Primer may be left without further coatings or decorated with conventional paints where fire resistance is not required.

TO SPECIFY Simply State : Apply Thermocoat to achieve ½ hr., 1hr., 1 1/2hr., 2hr. Fire Resistance with Thermoguard Flame Retardant One coat / Eggshell / Metallic / Non decorative finish according to manufacturer's instructions. Note: One coat of Dualcoat plus one coat of Onecoat are recommended for external or aggressive industrial environments.

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