Tikkurila Valtti Akvacolor

Durable translucent protection for wooden surfaces

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Valtti Akvacolor is an environmentally friendly wood finish based on natural oil. It provides a longer maintenance interval thanks to its excellent UV protection. Used on exterior timber and board surfaces.

Is absorbed into wood

Valtti Akvacolor is a waterborne, natural oil-based, wood finish that is easily absorbed into the wood. It is suitable for exterior board and timber surfaces. It protects the wood from weathering by slowing the impacts of humidity and sunlight.  

Wide range of applications

Valtti Akvacolor is suitable for both new and previously stained surfaces. In addition to log surfaces, it can also be used to treat thermally modified and impregnated wooden terrace grids, columns, etc.


Being natural oil-based and waterborne, Valtti Akvacolor is pleasant to use without compromising its protective qualities. Valtti Akvacolor is easy and pleasant to brush on, and tools can be cleaned with just soap and water.