Toupret Fibacryl Movement Crack Filler

ELAFIB is ideal for moving cracks and gaps

Flexible filler

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Toupret Fibacryl Movement Crack Filler is a white, ready to use, flexible, fibre reinforced interior and exterior filler. (It replaces Toupret Elafib, which is now discontinued by the manufacturer).

Toupret Fibacryl is a specialist flexible filler, which is suitable for filling and repairing movement cracks, problem cracks, and moving cracks on internal and external projects.

It's ideal for filling cracks on interior plaster ceilings and walls, and exterior masonry facades, and excellent for pointing joints, or cracks, where two different materials join together.

Adheres to unpainted or painted surfaces, new or renovated: plaster, plaster tiles, plaster boards, old painted substrates, cement, breeze blocs, bricks, concrete, cellular concrete, primed wood, mortar. Fibre rich to prevent cracking. Remains flexible when dry. Will not flash or grin.

Follows the substrate movement without cracking.

  • Up to 10 mm per coat. Readymixed.
  • Toupret Fibacryl may be tinted with universal tinters, to match the colour of the surrounding substrate.
  • 1.5 kg fills a volume of 1 Litre.
  • Available in a 1 kg resealable tubs.
Tips: Can be applied on painted surfaces, plaster, plasterboards, primed wood, prime plywood, cement, dry wall lining