Trade Paint Direct Interior Painting Sundry Kit

High Quality Professional Painters Sundry Kit for Interior Painting Projects. All products from Prodec. Containing: 2x Pairs Nitrile Protective Gloves, 3x Polythene Dust Sheets, 1" and 2" Low Tack quality masking tape, 9" Roller Frame, 2x Sleeves and Tray, 4" Roller Kit, 1" and 2" Premium Brushes, 1L Kettle and Decorators Sponge. Kit Value purchased individually £44.00! (solvent based version)
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Essential Professional Painters Sundry Kit for Interior Projects.

All Products Prodec Professional Range

Choose Solvent Based (Bristle Brushes) which includes 1x2L White Spirit or Waterbased (Synthetic Brushes)

Wall and Wood Fillers, Extension Poles, Other Brushes etc. all available in stock to complement this kit.