Zinsser Allcoat Primer Sealer

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  • Adheres to all surfaces without sanding
  • Use over wood, concrete, plasterboard, Plasticol®, galvanised metal - covers and seals most paintable surfaces
  • Ideal for new plaster and other surfaces with up to 12.5 pH
  • Great for suspended ceiling tiles and frames
  • Smooth flow and great levelling
  • Resists grain raise on new wood
  • Sands to a fine powder within 2 hours
  • Very low odour
  • General purpose
  • Non-yellowing finish
  • Highly durable and washable
  • High hiding formula blocks stains and dark or inconsistent colours
  • Heavy resin content is self-sealing on porous surfaces
  • Dries to a washable, dead-flat-off-white-finish
  • Tintable to mid tone colours
High hiding formula - One coat is all that is needed to cover and seal most surfaces.
High-adhesion - Unique polymers developed and manufactured by ZINSSER allow direct application over glossy surfaces - enamel paints, clear finishes, Formica®, Plasticol®, UPVC, ceramic tile, metals and more - without tedious sanding or surface deglossing.
Great underbody for enamel topcoats • Resists grain rise • Flows smoothly and levels evenly • Sands crisply to a fine powder within two hours.
Ideal for large commercial wall applications • Self sealing • Dries fast with very low odour • Produces a flat, hard, durable and washable finish • Non-yellowing finish • Great sprayability
Great general use coating for all interior surfaces Finished and unfinished walls, suspended ceiling tiles and frames, doors and trim of refits and commercial properties like supermarkets, warehouses, factories - any-where a fast-drying, high-adhesion multi-surface finish is needed.
Dries to touch in minutes - may sand or recoat within 2 hours
Excellent stain killer
Tintable to mid tone colours
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