Zinsser DIF Fast Acting Liquid Wallpaper Stripper

Contains a powerful wetting agent Easy to use and apply 1 litre of concentrate makes 12 litres Unique enzyme action formula
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Liquid Wallpaper Stripper - The fastest way to remove wallcovering
  • Powerful, ready-to-use formula works in minutes
  • No rewetting needed
  • Safe, non-toxic, light fresh scent
  • Easy to apply, just spray or roll on
DIF® FAST-ACTING LIQUID Wallpaper Stripper is powerful enough for the most demanding wallpaper removal jobs–yet safe, non-toxic and easy to use! The powerful, ready-to-use formula has special wetting agents that penetrate wallpaper and break down even the most difficult wallpaper adhesive in just minutes, making removal quicker and easier than ever before!
The exclusive non-drip liquid clings to walls and stays wet longer than other liquid removers—eliminating the need for rewetting (reapplication) and the mess associated with liquid removers. Plus, the clear, non-toxic formula removes residual wallpaper paste without staining, leaving walls clean and ready for redecorating.
DIF® FAST-ACTING LIQUID is easy to apply by sprayer or roller. Available in a convenient spray bottle and a gallon bottle with sprayer attached for larger jobs, the adjustable spray head delivers a wide spray pattern to cover more wall space in less time.
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