Zinsser DIF GEL Ready-to-Use Wallpaper Stripper

Safe, non-toxic, odourless DIF® GEL removes the mess from removing wallpaper

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  • Ready-to-Use Wallpaper Stripper
  • Non-Drip, GEL Clings and Stays Wet
  • Long lasting open time for effective soaking!
  • Powerful enzyme formula - Great for hard-to-remove wallpapers and adhesives
  • Easy to apply, just spray or roll on
Safe, non-toxic, odourless DIF® GEL removes the mess from removing wallpaper. The fast acting enzyme based formula is highly effective for fast, and easy removal of most papers.
Ready to use DIF® GEL penetrates and loosens wallpaper making it easy to pull or scrape off the wallpaper, and to remove the residual paste behind the paper.
DIF® GEL is safe and easy to use. The enzyme-based formula is highly effective, removing wallpaper quickly and completely. The non-drip blue gel eliminates the mess of steamers and spray-on solutions by clinging to walls and staying wet for efficient removal. DIF GEL is safe non-toxic and odour free.
ZINSSER's new DIF® GEL Wallpaper Stripper is great for removing dried, heavy-duty clay-based adhesives commonly found beneath commercial wallcoverings. It even removes adhesive applied to unprimed drywall. DIF® GEL liquefies the old clay-based adhesive without over-soaking the facing paper of the drywall, so it can be easily removed with a scraping tool like ZINSSER's Paper Scraper, with little damage to the facing paper.
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