Norton Oakey

Norton Oakley paint accessories and abrasive products are designed to create the perfect finish for your next project. Norton Oakley is a leader in abrasives and related accessories, both in DIY markets and in the professional painting and decorating industry. Trade Paint Direct’s line of high performing products by Norton Oakley are recommended and used by professionals because of their top quality results. Norton Oakley’s pre-packaged abrasives including rolls and finishing sandpaper are non-clogging and deliver a natural finish.

Abrasives are available in a range of grades to suit individual project requirements, helping you achieve the best possible results. These high quality products are also ideal for smoother stripping, ensuring you get a professional and refined finish. Trade Paint Direct offers reliable and quick shopping throughout the UK and Europe on all Norton Oakley products. We also provide unrivalled customer service, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a large painting contractor.