Sandtex – Wall Paint & Ceiling Paints

Sandtex is considered to be the number-one brand of exterior masonry paint products in the UK. Offering paints for wood and metal alongside masonry, this trade paint is the perfect choice for those who are seeking a professional-grade finish that would simply not be possible with domestic or generic products. 

The paints themselves can be purchased in numerous finishes such as matte, gloss, satin, flat and eggshell. While this range is indeed impressive, another benefit of the Sandtex products which are offered through Trade Paint Direct is the fact that much more than paints alone are offered.

Other Sandtex items include primer, uPVC cleaner, dirt repellents, masonry filler, stabilising solution and exterior plaster. Of course, a number of different colours are likewise available with all of these products. Providing durability intended to withstand the harshest of exterior conditions, Sandtex paints and preparation products are the ideal choices for professional finishes.